Oh my Enjolras!


I had the pleasure to spend last weekend in New York City with the express purpose of seeing Jason Forbach as Enjolras in Les Mis (screw you, twitter, I’m not spelling it with a Z!) because it had been too damn long.

Friday night, his first show, Jason was absolutely on fire. There was no mistaking the revolutionary fervor for anything else - he owned that stage. He is so expressive and captivating…

Saturday Afternoon was just as intense, if not more! There were so many tender moments of contemplation that I did not notice the first night… the look of devastation and guilty when Gavroche landed in his arms will probably stay with me for quite a while.

As a bonus, Saturday there were a herd of (tour babies!) swings on!

So… I did a thing… you’re welcome! A gift for you all

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